Dioramas For All Purposes

You will need pictures a little out of the ordinary if you are an exhibition fit-out company, a museums interpretation officer. As a designer of audioguides and smartphone apps, you will require visual content.

The examples below show a view of an Augustinian Priory in Hampshire, as well as the precinct of the Black Friars in the City of London (just published).  Both were commissioned by independent societies for archaeological publications. In both cases, little or nothing survives of the buildings above ground. They look ‘retro’ but there is more to them than meets the eye (literally). A profound knowledge of architecture and extensive research permits archaeologically accurate images. They are based on CAD 3-D models; allowing the client to choose from an infinity of viewpoints before a final version is selected for finishing.

Cover illustration for a book
The Blackfriars in 1520
(courtesy of LAMAS)
Selborne Priory
Selborne Priory (Hampshire) as it may have appeared