How Important Is Your Property?

In the arcane world of ‘Heritage Theory’, the general trend is towards ‘constructive conservation’ (the preservation of assets in ‘a manner appropriate to their significance’). Heritage professionals now talk about preserving the ‘significance of the asset’. This moves away from the proscriptive processes that have held sway for so long. Nonetheless, the report on your property must respect one of several recognised formats or be swatted back at you as not ‘meeting the condition’.

Old ‘listings’ were usually based on a cursory and sometimes inaccurate ‘drive-by’ inspection – the only record – a yellowing index card (if that!). A proper modern study may turn the understanding of a building on its head. There may even be a case for altering the listing; those 1970’s chipboard partitions can then be removed – as can the aluminium milking booths*.

To this end, it is worth commissioning an accurate study of your listed building pre-emptively, especially if you are planning changes.

* Dr Samuel cannot act as an advocate for the client in disputes. While every effort is made to provide detailed and accurate information, he cannot be held responsible for errors or inaccuracies in reports.

Doomed Kentish farmhouse
A doomed early-19th century Kentish farmhouse